Frequently Asked Questions

Lathe Safety Simulator VR

Play Lathe Safety Simulator VR and learn about the operation of an industrial lathe by following the tutorials to identify all the major lathe parts and related tools. During this process, you learn about lathe safety and using drills and cutting tools. Finally, you can undertake missions using templates and scan/save your work. There are four sections to complete with a robot tutor to guide you as you learn with feedback on your progress at the end of each level. The levels include : 

• Lathe Overview: Identify different lathe parts and related tools

• Lathe safety: Guided tour of how to use the lathe

• Turn a work piece: Machine a work piece and learn to use the lathe practically 

• Missions: Select a template then make and save it

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The Lathe Safety Simulator game is an entertainment product. When using a Lathe ensure you are fully trained, supervised and authorised to use the equipment and comply with all health and safety regulations. Use of this site or video game does not train you to use a Lathe and no liability will be accepted. By downloading and playing the Lathe Safety Simulator game you fully acknowledge these term and conditions of use.